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Are you struggling to find the best purchasing courses for your career? These purchasing courses will teach you powerful, easy-to-use purchasing processes that will help you to achieve great results while making your job easier.

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Online Purchasing Courses (by topic)

Purchasing Fundamentals

New to purchasing?  The online purchasing training course “Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals” will help you develop a sure foundation of the most critical purchasing skills that you need to know.

Procurement Analysis

Are you failing to take advantage of Microsoft Excel’s powerful techniques for procurement? The online purchasing course “Microsoft Excel For Purchasing Professionals” will teach you how to use Excel for procurement analysis.  This purchasing course uses real-world procurement examples in step-by-step hands-on exercises.

Contract Writing

Looking to reduce the risk your contracts are exposing your company to?  Unless you know the in’s and out’s of contract writing, your procurement contracts could be a big problem.   Learn how to write procurement contracts in the online purchasing course “Supply Management Contract Writing.”  This purchasing course also includes a sample procurement contract!

Procurement Negotiation

If you’re not continually updating your procurement negotiation skills, you’re not getting the best deals!   The online purchasing course “Powerful Negotiation For Successful Buying” will teach you the latest, modern procurement negotiation techniques. Learn exactly what to say and how to say it – no guesswork, just results!

Purchasing Best Practices

There are procurement practices that the best companies use – and now you can learn how to apply them, too!  With a 35+ page Sample and Template Pack, interactive exercises, real-world examples, and guided instruction, the online purchasing course “14 Purchasing Best Practices” makes it realistic for you to quickly and significantly improve your performance and the performance of your procurement department.

Procurement Strategy

Writing a procurement strategy plan from scratch can be daunting!  The online purchasing course “Savings Strategy Development” can help you to develop a well-planned and thought out strategy for your organization.

Purchasing Management

Purchasing leaders have to shoulder a lot of pressure to achieve results and balance various tasks. The online purchasing course “Expert Purchasing Management” will guide you on how to lead your procurement department while achieving more success than imagined!

Procurement Project Management

Are you leading your purchasing projects to successful completion?  Project management involves learning and applying proven principles, but learning those new strategies can be overwhelming. The online purchasing course “Professional Purchasing Project Management” teaches you everything you need to know to manage even the most challenging procurement projects.

International Procurement

Buying internationally is substantially different that domestic purchasing.  If you are unaware of the differences in cultures, communications, laws, currencies, and more, you could be setting yourself up for failure. The online purchasing course “Basics of Smart International Procurement” will guide you to international procurement success.

Global Sourcing

Global sourcing can be a complex undertaking.   The online purchasing course “Executing A Global Sourcing Strategy” will help you navigate the challenges of global sourcing.

Finance For Procurement

Whether you understand how or not, your procurement work impacts your organization’s financial performance. Lacking the understanding can even prevent you from getting respect, especially from executives.  The online purchasing course “Finance For Strategic Procurement, Part I” will teach you how an organization’s financial success is impacted by procurement.

Finance Procurement Decisions

CFO’s expect you to follow certain financial principles when you are making everyday procurement decisions.  Without an awareness of these principles are, your credibility may be questioned by management. The online purchasing course “Finance For Strategic Procurement, Part II” will teach you to align your procurement decisions with your company’s financial goals.

Inventory Management & Control

Are you making those bad inventory management decisions? If you are utilizing tactics you learned informally or, worse yet, guessing, then you most likely aren’t making the best decisions.  The online purchasing course “Profitable Inventory Management and Control” will teach you time-tested best practices.

Supply Chain Quality

Organizations cannot produce a high-quality product/service when they receive substandard items from their supply chain.  In the online purchasing course “Improving Quality in the Supply Chain” you will learn the principles needed to achieve quality from your supply chain.

Social Responsibility in Supply Chain

Without a socially responsible supply chain, you are risking getting your organization into trouble. Getting bad publicity and losing customers are just some of the risks that you can face.  The online purchasing course “Exemplary Supply Chain Social Responsibility” will help you stay ahead of the constantly changing social responsibility principles.

Supplier Diversity Best Practices

Supplier diversity can be a great benefit to your organization, if it’s done strategically.  The online purchasing course “Strategic Supplier Diversity Best Practices” will guide you in implementing a program that can make a real difference for your organization.

Negotiation Mistakes

The online purchasing course “Negotiation No-No’s” will teach you common negotiation mistakes and how to avoid them.

Supplier Performance

The online purchasing course “Managing Supplier Performance” will help you develop and implement an evaluation program to improve your supplier performance.

Ethical Purchasing

The online Express Course “15 Rules For Ethical Supplier Interaction” will help you avoid interactions with suppliers that could be unethical.

Procurement of Services

The Express Course series, “Secrets of Painless Services Contracting,” will help you to achieve success during service procurement, which can be complex!

Procurement Productivity

“Increasing Your Personal Productivity,” an Express Course Series, will help you learn what changes can help make a huge impact on your procurement productivity.

Backdoor Selling

Some suppliers will go behind your back and try to deal with your internal customers.  Learn how you can keep a better control of procurement processed in the Express Course, “Preventing and Managing Backdoor Selling.”

Outsourcing Plan

Develop a plan to facilitate your outsourcing success in the online Express Course, “How to Plan for Outsourcing Success.”

Critical Supplier Selection

Stop selecting poor performing suppliers!  Learn methods that have been proven for selecting successful suppliers in the Express Course, “7 Critical Steps of Effective Supplier Selection.”

Procurement KPI’s

The right key performance indicators can lead a procurement organization to the best results it ever achieved. Learn the best procurement KPI’s and how to use them in our four-part online Express Course series, “Procurement KPI’s and Business Acumen.”

Supplier Communication

Products that fail to conform to expectations, late deliveries, disputes these are all consequences of not communicating well with your suppliers. Learn tips for communicating that will lead to better satisfaction with suppliers in our online Express Course, “Tips for Regret-Free Supplier Communication.”

Procurement Career Development

Procurement careers can have peaks and valleys. Learn how to have higher peaks and shallower valleys in our online Express Course, “How To Take Charge of Your Procurement Career.”

Supplier Development Programs

Can’t find the perfect supplier? Develop one! Learn how to strengthen your supply base through supplier development in our two-part online Express Course series, “Supplier Development Program Basics.”

Excel for Procurement

Virtually every buyer needs to use Excel. If you’re new to Excel, our online Express Course “Excel Basics for Buyers” can bring you up to speed on the fundamentals quickly.

Marketing Procurement Strategy

Marketing and procurement departments can and should collaborate. Learn how this collaboration can create success for the organization in our online Express Course, “Adding Procurement Value to Marketing Spend.”

Procurement Negotiation Preparation

Negotiation success is largely determined before the negotiation even begins. Learn how leading procurement negotiators prepare in our online Express Course, “Championship-Caliber Negotiation Preparation.”

Creative Negotiation

Guess what? Your supplier has heard the phrase “You have to sharpen your pencil” a million times and knows exactly how to respond. It’s time to get more creative. Our online Express Course “Creative Negotiation For Buyers” will teach you how.

Better Procurement

The most powerful procurement ideas usually need management approval. That’s anything but guaranteed. Learn proven methods for presenting your procurement ideas in a way that is irresistable to management in our online Express Course, “How to Present a Case for Better Procurement.”

How to start a Negotiaton

Regaining ground in a negotiation can be tough. So, don’t lose ground in the first place. Learn how to start a negotiation the best way in our online Express Course, “Making The Right Negotiation First Impression.”

Supply Market Intelligence

Knowledge is power. And supply market intelligence is the most powerful type of procurement knowledge. Learn how to leverage supply market intelligence in our online Express Course, “Supply Market Intelligence 101.”

Procurement Talent Management

Having the ultimate buying team is never an accident. The distinct characteristics of the millennial generation provide new challenges. Learn how to recruit, train and retain the best procurement talent in our online Express Course, “Next Generation Procurement Talent Management.”